About us


Hello. Welcome to TechoRaptors #19940! We are a team of FTC robotics enthusiasts who are truly passionate about the wonders of technology and engineering.

Our group consists of middle school students from the Northville School District in MI specifically, from Hill Side and Meads Mill schools. Together we have come together to collaborate, innovate, and create state of the art robots that can effectively address the challenges of today’s world.

Our team consists of a variety of individuals, each with their own set of skills and perspectives. We have a balanced group that excels in working together and collaborating effectively. Together we form a force that can successfully take on any robotics challenge.

Our Mission

"Our goal is to motivate and enable the leaders in STEM. At TechoRaptors we firmly believe that robotics encompasses more than constructing machines; it also involves developing character, promoting teamwork, and cultivating a passion for education."



Selecting the right robot


Building a robot

Gather materials & Build the robot body



Common problems when building robots and how to fix them


Programming the robot

Programming languages are essential tools in building and controlling robots.



In conclusion, building a robot is an excellent way for kids to learn about robotics, electronics, and programming.


FTC Competitions

Since our establishment in 2021 TechoRaptors has embarked on a voyage of expansion and exploration. We have actively taken part in FTC competitions consistently acquiring new knowledge and skills, with each event.

Our team thrives on challenges embracing every setback as a chance to learn and enhance our abilities.

Throughout our journey our team has accomplished milestones and received recognition for our efforts. These achievements serve as motivation for us to push further and make a difference in the world. Here are some notable accomplishments, from the past.

2022-23 Season:

  1. MIo Bedford Qualifier: Connect Award 2nd Place, Inspire Award 3rd place, Finalist Alliance
  2. Michigan FTC State Championship Macomb: Division Finalist

2021-22 Season (Rookie Year):

  1. MI Grosse Pte. Woods Qualifier: Innovate award – First Place; Finalist Alliance
  2. MI The G.R.A.Y.T. Kettering Qualifier: Finalist Alliance
  3. Michigan FTC State Championship Macomb: Judges Choice Award

Our Sponsors

Some of our Sponsors


Our focus isn't on ourselves or robotics. We deeply value the importance of giving back to our community.

This principle is deeply ingrained in our core values. We actively take part in outreach programs, workshops, and educational initiatives with the goal of igniting a passion for STEM subjects among students of all ages.

Our aim is to inspire and share knowledge working towards creating a better future for everyone. We have accomplished notable achievements in the past that have made a positive impact on the world.

We are always on the lookout for individuals who are interested in robotics and have a strong desire to learn. Whether you're a robotics enthusiast or just starting out, we welcome you to join our team. Together let’s work towards shaping the future of technology by joining forces and utilizing our accomplishments.